Monday, June 06, 2005

WIP Bamboo-handled purse!

I'm finally using that washi yarn I found for something... I'm knitting it with a ball of that linen I found the same day. It will be a small bamboo-handled purse, maybe for my friend's birthday. I came up with an interesting way to show off the washi. I didn't like how it got hidden when I held it together with the linen, so for the body of the bag I'm doing double-stockinette, with the washi on the outside. I'm sure other people do this, but I've never seen it done (knitting a finer-gauge novelty yarn over a bulkier yarn to show off the texture while sill creating a sturdy fabric). I'm calling it "Figure-Ground knitting" :P I'm really liking this, maybe I will buy some more and make some others, Or try it with a different novelty yarn :) Wish the Bamboo handles weren't so expensive though, doubles the price of the bag!
Ok here's the pics! As you can see, I did ribbing for the part over the handles, then switched to the doubble-sts.

And here's a pic of the washi yarn before:


Jen said...

Your "figure ground knitting" is a very clever technique! I'll have to remember that. I've had the same issue sometimes, a delicate yarn that I want to showcase and not just lose in a heavy carrying yarn.

I know with double stockinette the layers sometimes separate somewhat - do you think you might do some tacking stitches here and there to stabilize them? Sort of like tack quilting to hold the layers. Maybe use it as an opportunity to add a bead accent or something!

Happy Blogging, and thanks for the tip!

RedThread said...

Hi there!
I thought about doing some "tacking stitches" throughout the bag, but decided that since it's a small piece, and will be folded in half anyway that having the 2 separate layers won't be a problem, but for a larger piece I would. To keep it together tightly at the edges I'm knitting every first and last stitch with both stands together.
thanks for your comment!

morgan said...

This is so pretty! I will have to try the technique now! I also like the changes you made to the minisweater...I altered mine too.

diandra said...

yay for crafters in japan! this is so exciting. and the yarn. gaaaa! xoxo.

Amanda said...

Argh! That is SO beautiful! I am megajealous! In response to your question about the plastic needles..oh my. That is my VERY first pair of needles, given to me from a very friendly lady from Australia...they are amazing because they have bent perfectly with the curve of my hands from heat and they are actually smooth, but not so smooth that things make a mistake. phew. that was a lot. id LOVE all my needles to be the same, I'm thinking about replacing all my metals for plastics & bamboo, but only the awesome plastic like i have :D

RedThread said...

I only have one pair of metal needles, and I don't think they are alluminum... actually they may be addi turbos. I remember I bought them at a very posh knitting store, and they feel nothing like the old aluminum needles my mother used to have. All the rest of mine are bamboo.
Nope, I lied, I have one very long, very large pair of size 13 aluminum needles. the first pair I bought :)