Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No Luck Yet

I emailed the shop in Woodbine that Amy Butler's site lists as carrying her fabrics, and they don't currently have any in stock. Not only that, but she's now exclusively and e-business, so I'd have to order online and be right back where I started. I'm sure there are other places unlisted that carry her fabrics. I'm going to try the quilt store in Catonsville next.

It's expensive stuff, so I don't want to get something before seeing it in person!
I wonder if any of the online places do samples?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Guess I'll be checking luggage when I fly...

x-posting from my own LJ a bit, for some filler.
Strangeness with the TSA : At least I can still bring my knitting needles! And Scissors! But no toothpaste, shampoo, or lipgloss!

Yesterday I spent the morning drooling over Amy Butler fabrics, especially this one that I want for decorative pillows!

There's one like that one that is pale green and cream too that I like just as well. We'll see. Oh, here's a pic of a GORGEOUS bag made from the green-cream version

Finally! A FO!

I haven't been knitting much since the move and the job change. There's so much to do in the new place, when I'm home I feel like I need to be cleaning, unpacking, decorating, and straightening, instead of sitting on the couch knitting. Also, all my knitting stuff is still packed in bags and boxes. Soon though we will have bookcases and can clean out the spare room, so i'll actually be able to get to my stuff and even work in there!

Yesterday I worked at the yarn shop, and managed to finally finish these socks :) They really didn't take that long, I just haven't been kntting.
Next, Rogue is %90 done, just have to finish the hood and do some detailing, then next I want to work on my leaf-green silk to go with my orange fall jacket.

Here's my socks!

Also, here's some pics of the new apartment. We're still waiting on some key pieces of furniture, like the dining table, a sideboard for the snake tank, and bookcases.