Tuesday, June 14, 2005

close call

My LYS has had buckets and buckets of sale stuff since March, and I picked up a whole bunch of odds and ends including a few balls of Filatura di Crosa "Primo" 100% Wool that I thought would make a great felted purse. Since I don't want to have to ship yarn home in August (although I may have to) I figured I'd better get started on it. I pulled the wool out of my stash-bag and noticed something that had previously gone unnoticed: 100% Merino Wool, SUPERWASH.
Would this mean the end of my felted purse idea? Would I have to make a whole bunch mre gray hats? (i've already made 3 this year).
I looked at the label again, and while it does say Superwash, it also says "Handwash in cold water, do not tumble dry" Maybe I have a chance after all. So I knitted up a teeny tiny swatch and scrubbed and rubbed it in the sink.... and it felted! It took maybe a bit longer than regular wool, but I think it will work, especially if I knit it very tightly.
Is it bad to felt Merino? Should I save it for something more cozy where its softness will be appreciated? I haven't decided. I realy don't have that much of it.
It's too hot to be knitting with wool right now...

p.s. I just applied for a spot on the KnittingBlogs ring! wish me luck!


pam said...

I've yet to try felting so I'm no help!!!

I just got accepted [I think] to the knitting bloggers ring, good luck to you!!!

Amanda Woodward said...

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

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