Sunday, December 02, 2007


Chinese Luck Dragon Scarf
It's here! I've had this thing done for months, but couldn't get it converted correctly into a pdf! Thanks to kind people on Ravelry who offered to help me, it's now ready to go! Click on the link to download a copy for $6.00 US that will be delivered to you via email.

About the Chinese Luck Dragon Scarf:
This scarf won first place at the 2005 Washington D.C. “Scarf Style Scarf Contest” sponsored by Interweave Knits, to benefit orphans and AIDS victims.
Read my original post about this scarf!

Lamb’s Pride Worsted, Cascade 220 Wool or
100 grams worsted weight wool 1 full hank each of red (MC) and yellow (CC1), or any 2 contrasting colored worsted weight yarns.
One ball of Crystal Palace Yarns Squiggle (50gr, 100yds) in “Firecracker” (red/yellow/orange print) (CC2)
Needles: US#9, plus two double pointed needles or one circular needle size 7 or 8 for i-cord
crochet hook
tapestry needle
Gauge: 4 st/in (gauge is relatively unimportant for this scarf, as long as you use a worsted weight yarn)

In the “Scale Pattern” section the non-repeats are not written out for the ends of the rows. It should be:
Row 1: K2, P1, K5, P1 end K2

Row 2: P1, K3, P3 end P1

Row 3: P5, K1 end P5

Row 4 As for row 3

Row 5 As for row 2

Row 6 As for Row 1

Ravelry Link, if you're interested.

Email any questions about the pattern or problems you encounter to me at



beadslut said...

You did it! Finally! Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

I like your pattern!! Thank you for making it available!

But I don't like that payment service. In addition to taking out $6 properly, it took another $1 in a "preauth check" and never canceled it even after the main transaction was complete. In effect I'm out $7 but you get only $6. :-(

Ilix said...

That looks awesome! I will have to pick that pretty thing up in the new year when my budget recovers! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

cute girl, awesome scarf (i have over 65 dragon statues, nevermind the rest of the puppets/posters/etc), i want it... so badly :)

Noelle said...

To the hawt boy above me - oh, you're getting it! Maybe not in time for Xmas, but I'm all over this like a mouse on cheese <3 Now to just remember my silly Paypal password XD

Bi-Paula said...

i will be buying this soon..Do you think i can have it done b4 may?????

RedThread said...

Paula- The knitting of each side of the scarf doesn't take long, but the face part is a little fiddly. You might be able to finish it by May...