Saturday, February 06, 2010

Manly Mitts Pattern!

Sorry this took so long to write up, guess I haven't been in a blogging mood.
Mitts for Joe

Manly Mitts!
I made these for my husband for Christmas at his request. The yarn I used is a random worsted weight cashmere, but I would actually advise against using a %100 cashmere, silk, or alpaca yarn for this project as it stretches out too much.

About 50 grams worsted weight yarn (100 yds or so)
size US#5/3.75mm 32" circular needle, or double points.
stitch markers

Diamond Chart

"-" indicates a purl stitch, all others are knit.

PM-Place Marker
M1- lift bar from between the stitches, place on left needle and knit through the back loop

Cast on 36 stitches, join and begin working 1x1 ribbing for 2 inches.

Hand with thumb gusset
On the next round knit 5 stitches, PM M1 PM, then start following the Diamond chart.
Following round M1 k1 M1 between the markers. Follow the chart for the rest of the round.

Continue following the diamond chart, increasing 2 stitches between the markers every 3rd round, until the gusset measures 17 stitches. Work two more rows, then place gusset stitches on waste yarn.

Continue working the Diamond chart over the hand stitches until the mitt is 1/2 inch shorter than you want it. Finish hand by working 1x1 ribbing for 1/2 inch then bind off.

Thumb Gusset finishing
Place the thumb stitches on your circular or double points, picking up 1-2 stitches in the gap between the thumb and the hand. Work 1x1 ribbing for 1/2 inch then bind off.

Repeat for the other mitt.

Let me know if you have questions!


Anonymous said...

im a im not really sure what the numbers (1-6) beside the pattern mean..

RedThread said...

Hi Commenter! Hope you check back here.. the numbers are the row numbers of the chart: So with a knitting chart pattern you read right-to-left and from bottom-to-top.
Send me an email if that doesn't help!

AnnaVirginia Fashion said...

Hi Sarah,

I love your diamond pattern instructions, and am using in a pair of gloves I'm making for my hubby. I would have used your whole pattern, but apparently he wants the fingers on there. :) Take a look at my post to see how it's going!

Anonymous said...

i just started knitting the gloves and i read about the charted stitch patterns so for every row u read from right to left?

cookshopgirl said...

I am thinking you have to pick up an odd number of stitches over the thumb gap so the rib works correctly, right?

Anonymous said...

haven't started knitting yet, but in review of pattern, I also am wondering if your CO number can be correct? If, when starting the diamond pattern which has a repeat of 6, can you do that over 36 stitches?

Anonymous said...

I think the cast on number is correct (6 x 6 = 36).

However, I think the "knit 5 stitches" before placing the marker is incorrect. I think it should be 6 stitches. I tried it with 5, and it left me with a random odd stitch at the end of the round.

RedThread said...

The markers are not for the end of the round, they are for the thumb gusset.

Yana said...

The pattern says size 5 circular needle 32 inches long. That can't be right, though, can it?

Unknown said...

@Yana: This pattern uses the Magic Loop method of knitting in the round which uses one really long circular needle.

cindy said...

i love this pattern.. i made already 2 pair.. one for my bf and one for my g-pa. what i love is that they have such a good fit.. i find that many patterns i am scared to try because they turn out so big. but these are perfect. thank you very much. cindy

Grace said...

I absolutely love these! Great pattern, Sarah. I can't wait to try it this weekend :)

Thanks so much!

aaron reinke said...
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lindyleigh said...

Looking forward to making these. Thank you for the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Does the 17 stitches for the gusset include the five stitches before the markers? Thank!

Christa Wegner said...
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Laura Miklautsch said...

I'm making these handsome mitts for my son for Christmas. Could you please clarify for me: after the PM, K1, PM the pattern says to start following the chart. Should I start with stitch 1, row 1 of the chart or stitch 6 of row 1? Also, I can't quite tell on the photo, are the thumb gusset stitches all knit or does the diamond pattern continue on the gusset stitches (that would throw off the pattern count, yes?)

Dana S. said...

I love this pattern. I am wondering, I am thinking about making some of these to sell. Do you allow that?