Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baby Pic-Spam!

This is the dress I knit for her to come home from the hospital in, but even though I knit it smaller than the smallest size it was still quite wide! It fits her now around the chest, but it's a bit too short for my long Banana Baby!

August in Kaiserslautern! Part Two


My SIL is "deployed" here for 6 months, and we got to hang out with her and go to the Gartenschau, a huge garden/park with playgrounds, a skate park, huge slides, and DINOSAURS! It also has an upper area with kitchen gardens, a chapel made of vines, and a little restaurant with a great view. It was a gorgeous day and we got a great workout!

August in Kaiserslautern! Part One


Joe was gone for all of August, so I went and stayed with some friends an hour away in Kaiserslautern for the month. It was great! So much more fun than staying home alone with the baby! I hate cooking for just myself as well, so I loved having people to cook for, and didn't lose a single pound more of baby-weight :P

Back to Blogging!

Mirabelle plums covering the footbridge

I've naturally been a bit distracted lately...I started this post in July, and here it is September and I'm finishing it.

I realized I didn't even post a picture of the finished Tamarix Quilt I made! (Ravelry link) It took forever and was really boring, but I love the result. It's a little big to use right now, but when we get back to the US and the baby has her own room it will be nice.
Tamarix Quilt!