Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yoga and Yarn!

What day could be better?

Got up early today to go to yoga with a friend. I Haven't gone to a real yoga class in years! I do circuit training twice a week, but it's really not the same thing and doesn't fulfill the same needs. I LOVED it. It was just what I needed, and I really need to make an effort to find the time and the money to do more of it. We went to Parkside Yoga by Patterson Park. A very small studio, but it was fairly easy to get to, and is donation based. The teacher talked A LOT throughout the class, but gave very good instruction and helped me get into the right mindset. He was talking about how we store our experiences in our muscles, and how yoga and stretching is the only way to release those built up tensions and emotions. I have been in a very good place mentally lately, so I was completely unprepared for the flood of emotion that I released in certain poses! I pushed my shoulders down while in a Pigeon stretch and nearly sobbed outloud from the emotional rush! Very very interesting. My friend was saying I was acting high afterwards, and I think she was right, I haven't felt that kind of a rush and release in a while.

After yoga we had lunch at the Liquid Earth cafe, which is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Fells Point. I had yummy squash chilli, but their chai was horrible. The vegan brownie was probably the best vegan brownie I've had though, if a bit dryer than I would have liked in a normal brownie.

On the way to my house we stopped at Cloverhill yarn shop because my friend had never been, and found this wonderful new Crystal Palace Yarn, Mini Mochi! It comes in lovely long-print colorways, including a true rainbow. I got two balls and plan to make some Fabulous Socks with them :)
Mini Mochi!

We got to geek out about knitting for the rest of the afternoon, then her bf came over and we played Settlers of Catan. Overall a fun and fulfilling day!

Holiday Recap!

Holiday Season 2008 I think was a success, even if we were all a little poorer than last year.
Highlights include visiting my Mom and my sister in NC and getting to visit The Biltmore House, wonderful holiday parties in and around Baltimore, getting some new books, new yarn, and new clothes, and having relative success in airline travel! Even if I did have to change flights, airports, and airlines both going there and back.

Pictures on Flickr of my Company Holiday Party, trip to Asheville NC etc
december08 022

Me and a chicken at the Biltmore in Asheville, and outside the Biltmore House.
december08 068
december08 077

Finished my Mom's February Lady Sweater CHRISTMAS EVE, but I don't have any pictures! Fits well, and I hope she send me some soon so I can post them!
With my little bit of Christmas money I got 10 balls of Kathmandu Aran from Purl's Yarn Emporium in Asheville, which I've been drooling over forever! And a very nice person on Ravelry trader me for 2 more balls, so I have enough to make a hooded cabled cardigan!
I also bought sock yarn for another pair of mom-socks, and some chartreuse laceweight yarn from Paradise Fibers, also in Asheville.
Kathmandu Aran
yarnjanuary09 006
yarnjanuary09 011

Also finished J's reversible Chullo hat! Handspun chunky alpaca, and orange Malabrigo chunky. I LOVE the Malabrigo, will definitely have to get some of that for me!
yarnjanuary09 019
Reversible Double-Knit Chullo
yarnjanuary09 020

Am working on a Brea Bag from Berroco, using Lamb's Pride worsted, doubled on 9s. I Love this color!
Brea Bag WIP
Brea Bag WIP closeup