Wednesday, June 22, 2005

random thoughts...

This will be my next haircut. Color included. I've always loved it, but because I've been afraid of bangs for some reason I've never gotten it. Also, any cut that only has one look kindof scares me, but then again I never do anything different with my hair anyway, so I'm being silly :P Have to let it grow out some first though.

I like the scarf, but it's crochet. blech.
Oh, it's from Kim Hargraeves, by the way.

Also, just got accepted to the Knitting Blogs ring Whee!

Cast on for my halter top, not sure if I'm liking the brioche edging on the bottom, it uses way too much yarn, but I'm going to keep going with it.

Finally told my parents about my knitting cafe plans, my mother was less than supportive. *shrug*
I also learned that there is already 2 in NYC, one in LA, one in Portland Oregon, and a few bitty ones scattered around the midwest. It's an up-and-coming idea!
Nice to see people are making it work though, that's inrpiring :)


Julie said...

Welcome to the Ring! I love the color of Hair! Very pretty almost burgandy color!

RedThread said...

Thanks! I'm so happy to be here!