Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Cable Tutorial

you're welcome Amanda...
sorry about the crappy pictures.

Example is a 6 stitch front twist cable, twisted every 4th row. Do not attempt cables until you are comfortable with ribbing.

Step 1)work in p6,k6 rib for 4 rows. (remember that for ribbing you knit on the Right Side and purl on the Wrong Side, so row 2 will be k6, p6, k6)
Your purl st will be your background and your knit stitches are your cables.

(picture swatch shows only one cable, and not all 6 purl stitches on either side)

Step 2) p6, slip the next 3 st Purlwise onto your cable hook or dpn and let hang in front of work.

Step 3) remember to move your yarn to the back and knit the next st on the left hand needle. Pull tight.
knit the next two knit stitches.

Step 4) The twist. Slide your stitches on your cable hook or dpn to the right side.

Knit the next 3 stitches off the cable hook or dpn as if it was your left hand needle. The first stitch you slipped should be the first stitch you knit.

Step 5) Bring yarn in front and purl next 6 stitches. Repeat twist for each cable (set of 6 knit stitches)in this row.

Step 6) Next 3 rows treat as p6,k6 rib. 4th row repeat cable twist (this should be a RS row).

(finished cable twist plus two more rows)


Amanda Woodward said...

you are incredible and the freaking best!
one question...(I'm writing this tutorial down in my book for tomorrow so I can practice) but one thing I might have been confused on is..
after I do the twist in step 4, do i do the twist again in step 5? or do I do the p6,k6,p6? you have the ultimate patience with me my dear!

if you want..comment to me or message me with the answer...I leave for work at 9 tomorrow, but I'll check the computer :D said...

how cool. such clear pics. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Perfect instructions with the pictures and words! I am making a reversible cable scarf from, and I didn't have a clue about "3/3 RC" in the instructions (having never before knitted a cable). It came out perfect both times (two repeats of the eight-row pattern). Thanks a gazillion!

Peachy said...
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Peachy said...

Hi! I'm staff writer at the Lime & Violet Daily Chum blog (at ), and I recently came across your cable knitting tutorial. I'd really like to feature it on the blog, as we try to get the most knowledge to the most people in the most sassy way ;)
Do you mind if I do? I'd need one of the pictures on your blog post to lure people over to read the whole tutorial. Please feel free to say no if that's not okay with you (but doesn't everybody love their 15 minutes of fame?).

please email me back at peachy AT limenviolet DOT com if you're interested!

Thanks a lot!