Thursday, April 20, 2006

FO Leaf Lace Scarf

This is the Leaf Lace Scarf from last summers Vogue Knitting, with some minor alterations:
*I used a bulky instead of DK weight yarn (I used KnitPicks Decadence 100% Alpaca), and so only did two pattern repeats across instead of 3
*I joined the two halves at their cast-on edges instead of at their ends, and did fancy leaf-points ends instead of straight ones.
I used 2.5 skeins on size US 10s, and it's QUITE long, and wide. It's very soft, but doesn't hold it's shape well and still kinda smells funny (from the mill), even after I washed it. I'll air it outside before I send it.

It's for my boyfriends mother as a Thank-You-Gift for sending me ALL her mother's old knitting needles and notions and a bunch of yarn!

Now the Pics!
Blocking with cat (she's an Alpaca-whore, just like her Mum ;) )

Flash used to show texture:

and of course, on me, to show the pointy ends :)

Sci-Fi Knitting!

So last week I went to this crazy Sci-fi Theme night at Nation in DC
called TRONIK, and I wore this awesome silver vinyl outfit with a
bright blue wig. To tie the wig in with the rest of it I knit matching
armbands, a necklace, and laced some of the ribbon through my
fishnets! It was soo much fun! :) The yarn is a nylon/metalic ribbon called Ritz. They were just garter stitch rectangles sewn together. It was really slippery and a bit of a pain to work with, but it was worth it.
Here's one while we were getting ready (me on the left, of course)

and one at the club where you can see the cool glow-stars on my back :)