Sunday, June 12, 2005

lace hates me, but I love it anyway

I'm designing a halter-top using the rest of the chartruese cotton-rayon I used for my minisweater (I hope I have enough). I was looking for a lace edging to put along the bottom and came across This , and decided to try the second one. But not only does the pattern not seem to work out right, I was an idiot and orginally tried doing it in the round, forgetting that the pattern was written for work that would be turned after every row. SO, I frogged that, tried it again flat and it still didn't work, so I'm now looking for a simpler edging. Anyone know any pretty knitted lacey edgings? That are free?

Also, I want to do a pointed chest panel/strip, right under area, but I don't know whether I should continue the panel aroud the back, or what to do with it.
Also all this is with laceweight yarn on 3.3mm needles, so tedious as well as complicated :P

They have gorgeous 3/4 sleeve bolero/shrugs at FCUK right now, in a lace rib with ribbing all around the collar area and the back. They're sooo expensive, but would be extremely tedious to make :(
I can't afford to buy OR knit one anyway.

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