Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spring is for Sheep!

The last 10 days have been wonderfully full of sheep-related activities! From my twice-monthly spinning meet, to sheep shearing day on the farm, to MDSW, it's been fiberlicious! Click on any picture to view the whole set.

Last Sunday I went up to visit a beautiful pre-civil war farm owned my a very interesting woman in my spinning group. She has a small flock of Border Leicester Crosses, and she was having them sheared that day. We helped skirt the fleeces and got our pick of the flock! I took home 2 and a half HUGE garbage bags full of raw wool!
spring09 094

Her neighbor brought over 2 sheep, and one is a Jacob! I want to raise Jacob sheep!
spring09 058

spring09 041

spring09 033

The farm was so beautiful, and we sat and spun on the lawn in front of the pond, in the shade of ancient trees.
spring09 066

Yesterday my friend and I went to Maryland Sheep and Wool! The best day of the year for most NE fiberphiles! My budget was on the small side this year, and since I still have a lot from last year I bought some non-wool items as well.
8 oz cotswold locks (to dye)
4 oz Silk/Merino/Angora roving
9 ceramic buttons
a whole bunch more dyed locks
6 oz batt of naturally gray Rambouillet
a niddy-noddy
2 llama finger puppets and an alpaca xmas ornament!
also bought 4oz BFL FatCatKnits hand-dyed fiber from Clover Hill Yarn Shop before the show, and got some awesome mini stitch markers from LizardSmells at the LSG post-MDSW meetup!

The haul MDSW 09

so cute!
Alpaca Ornament

spring09 088

I was going to mow the lawn today, and plant my herbs, but it's raining. OH WELL guess I have to stay inside and play with wool!

I do need a warm sunny weekend soon though! I have 10+ lbs of wool to wash and dry! And then dye!