Saturday, June 21, 2008

Damn You Demon Cat!

Ugh! Subi is such a freak! She was all cute and nice and trying politely to wake me up for work at 7:30 (cat's don't understand weekends), by nuzzling my neck and purring and murring, then she cuddled up with me and was being all nice and cuddly from 7:30 till 9:30, purring and kneading and such, and then all of a sudden she clamps her teeth onto my wrist! I threw her off and she attacked me three more times with full teeth and claws before I threw the comforter over her and wrapper her up until she calmed down. I swear I think our cat has neurological problems or something! What a beast! Now my arms are all scratched up :( I am bigger than her! She is supposed to fear me! Not charge at me after I throw her off!

I think that Subaru is in league with Basement Cat!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Busy weekends make for shorter weeks

Joe just left :(
He'll be gone about 10 days, more or less depending on how well the job goes. The good part is he will be on base the whole time. The bad part is he will be living in a tent in a dangerous country, climbing big stuff and messing around with all kinds of cables and equipment. The flight is about 14 hour too, which totally sucks.
I get to enjoy some peace and quiet though, it's nice not to have to tv on all the time!
I just had a piece of cheese and a glass of Instant Breakfast for dinner. I guess that's better than the cookies and ice cream I was craving...
I totally don't feel like being domestic and cleaning the kitchen and doing the laundry like I should do tonight. Maybe in a little while.

It feels like Friday, but it is not. I don't know what I want to do tomorrow yet. I'll probably just stay home and watch What Not to Wear and knit.
Saturday is the Baltimore Pride Festival, and R and I are going to go out to lunch and go shopping and go to the parade/block party and who knows what else :) Should be a blast! Sunday will probably be pretty lazy.
I should make some plans for during the week to make it go faster. Who wants to hang out?!

It's not even July yet and the summer feels like it is going by too quickly. It doesn't help that Joe will probably be gone for most of August :( So we can't even go camping or anything then. I am looking forward to our trip to PA in early September, but I'd also really like to go for a weekend or overnight trip to Assateague Island or really just to the beach anywhere. If you are going to the beach, CALL ME!! I have lived in MD for almost 3 years and I haven't been to the ocean once. (OK, we went to Ocean City when I was 9 and we were visiting my grandparents, but that doesn't count.)

Last year we were SO GOOD about getting out of the house: mountain biking, hiking a bit, etc, and I haven't gotten to go at all yet this year. I went with him and his coworker when they went rock climbing a little while back, and that was a little bit of hiking, but since I don't really rock climb it was a bit boring in the middle.
I was the official photographer, here's some pics! These were at "king and Queen's Seat" in a state park in Bel Air.

Also, we saw wild snakes humping!

Last weekend was pretty busy!
We Stayed with R&B Friday night so we wouldn't have to worry about parking for Hon Fest on Saturday. In the morning we had omlettes and yummy mango-chicken sausage and lattes and cake (which I was too full to eat). Then we went out into the jungle heat!

We didn't stay out long, it was too hot for us and the dogs, even with frequent air conditioned breaks. I did buy an awesome bright green and black sundress, a shell button necklace, and a hot pink plastic monstrosity to go with my Silver SpaceGirl outfit!
After a brief nap we headed over to Melissa's house for a Beer-Tasting-BBQ! More pictures are on Mary's flickr . I need to start taking my camera more places! Joe has brought mine with him on his trip, and his is very bulky though, so I guess I'll do without for now :(

After dinner we got all dressed up and went dancing at the final Elektroshock! This was lots of fun, and I got to wear my silver vinyl mini kilt and bodice with hot pink thigh-highs and stripper heels and my pink plastic necklace. Joe got tired early though, and I had to work on Sunday, so we left a little after Neska's set.

Sunday we were going to go see "The Happening", but we ended up getting Five Guys and renting "Semi Pro" instead. (Semi Pro SUCKS btw, don't bother! I was so bored I got up and cleaned the fishtank in the middle of the movie)
OK, this is long enough. Out for Now!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Futons, Socks, and Another Scarf-otis

Lots has been going on in Sarah-Land lately.
J and I finally turned our backroom/overgrown closet into a usable space, just in time for a Memorial Day party! (That was kindof the point actually, we didn't want people to feel like they had to be stuck in the livingroom). We are really loving it now: very comfy, bright, futon, usable table, a place to hide the mountain bikes.. it's great!
Here's the tour:

backroomright *Notice yarn stash under desk*

backroomleft Huge coffee table, perfect for craft parties!

I also cut all my hair off! Short hair is definitely IN this summer, all my friends are cutting their's off!

Also, we got a new snake! This is Dolores (so named because she has a frown on her head)

Adding to our collection, we are now up to 6 pythons.
Aggie (the biggest)
Aggie While she may look scary in this picture, she's actually a big sweetheart who loves to come out of her cage to play and snuggle!


Baby Leonard (Lenny)

Penelope (Penny)

and I can't find the pictures of Cider, but she looks a lot like a bigger version of Penny.

OK now for some knitting content...
Here's what my Tess Superwash is becoming! Another Scarf-Otis (scarf-size Clapotis). While I hated how boring the first one was to make, I love wearing it, and I really think it is one of the best patterns for showing off varigated yarn. Here she is, working up nicely on my size 7 ebony needles.
Tess scarf-otis WIP

Also on the needles is the Twisted Tweed sock pattern in Trekking XXL
twisted tweed sock WIP

I've been trying to work for one hour per day on something crafty, whether it's blogging about being crafting, making stitch markers, knitting, spinning, ANYTHING. Hopefully soon I can coordinate a monthly craft night with the girl friends and get some use out of the new room!