Thursday, March 26, 2009

1st Baby Snake!

1st Baby Snake!, originally uploaded by RedQueen715.

We have new babies!
The Carpet Python eggs are hatching! Each egg had a 50/50 chance of looking like its mom or dad, and happily 7 of the ten have the reduced pattern (Jaguar) like their dad, Brutus!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Lazy weekend

We got a taste of spring last week, but now it’s gone. Went from being in the 60’s to snowing. blech. I’m ready for spring! I’m ready to get my container gardening going this year! I’m hoping most of my herbs will come back from last year, but I’ll have to buy basil of course, and cilantro, and maybe a few others. Not going to bother with bulbs or tomatoes this year, the bulbs took way too long and the tomatoes don't get enough sun on the north side of the house.

I started Amused from the Winter Knitty, in some dark olive cashmere I got from School Products in NYC for an amazing price. The bf has been rubbing the swatch whenever he gets a chance so maybe I’ll make another trip up to NY at some point and get some for a sweater for him. He’ll have to wait in line though.. so many more projects and presents ahead of him!

I’m working on designing a sweater for my dad, a cabled yoke sweater with a tree motif. It’s still mostly sketches, but I got his measurements from his gf so at least I’ll know what size to make.

Nothing much else is new around here, J went to a snake show with his friend from NJ over the weekend so I had the house to myself. I was super lazy and watched movies and knit all yesterday :P I did get up early and go to yoga in the morning though! Today I did the dishes, restretched a painting I’ve had rolled up for years, and tidied my yarn room.
My yarn room/office feels so unfinished because I have no money for fabric to make curtains and a slipcover for my ugly green chair yet. I want to do the whole room in black and white damask pattern, with pink accents. So Girly! I also need to take a weekend and transform the 3rd upstairs room into a guest bedroom/art room. We need to get a futon though, and move all the junk out.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

First Corespun Yarn!

My first corespun yarn! This hotpink and teal batt with Angelina was given to me a few years ago, and I never knew what to do with it!
I spun it around a commercial 2-ply, and threw in some purple mohair locks and some handfuls of sari silk fiber.

This is about 80yds, all that could fit on the bobbin. I have more of the batt left so I'll probably make some more of it.