Friday, May 13, 2005

Stash Enhancement!

I just got back from Korea, which was quite the adventure.. (detailed in my Livejournal, linked in my profile).

While I was there I "accidentally"stumbled into a tiny yarn store where there was about 6 women packed, knitting away furiously. One of them spoke some english and I ended up walking out with 8 balls of this yummy cotton/rayon in spring green that I want to make into a bolero/shrug thing.
I like the ones in the summer 2005 Interweave knits, but I can't get that magazine here :( I'd have to order it online or something, or find someone here who got it...

the pictures do it no justice, it's really really bright!


yahaira said...

the patterns for the shrugs are online on the IWK site. They are in pdf form so you could just print them :)

RedThread said...

But the one I want isn't free... It's the Bolero mini-jacket one from the magazine.. (nooo I couldn't just want a free one, that'd be too easy) :P
And sure we could do a swap, if you don't mind paying shipping to Japan!

yahaira said...

ohhh lol yeah that happens to me all the time. I'm still waiting for my IKW to get here, so I'm still not sure what patterns are in it.

a swap would be cool and nope I don't mind shipping. if you want I could also send you a copy of the mag if you still cant get it there. let me know. :)