Thursday, May 19, 2005

Holy Crap!

Whoo hoo! Amanda from frenchtoastcake and Craftster fame has just informed me that she got me a copy of the summer 05 Interweave Knits magazine! Wow I love the internet.. just hope no one else already got me one...
It will probably be a while until I get it, but I was at a loss for summer knitting projects so this is perfect! (especially if I manage to botch up my modified boobholder enough that I have to use my lime yarn for something else :P *fingers crossed that it works*). Sandra over at I May be Knitting a Ranch House Is just finishing the Fiery Bolero that I had my eye on from the IWK. I can't wait to see what it looks like done :)
I need to get all you funky netknitter people on AIM, TALK TO MEEE!! I'm redqueen715

ARGH! I want to start this damn minisweater but I need to buy new needles and have no money to spare till the middle of next week! Eeek! guess i'll just have to do all the math in the meantime. ..uh oh i need a tape measure.

Today this blog has been active for just over a month! (I think). Today I will submit it to knitblog rings and hopefully get more readers! yay!


Pam [lickmysticks] said...

Happy one month old blog! I got denied for the Knitting Blogs Webring, I have to reapply! haha! Thanks for the linkage!!

Amanda said...

Happy one month!!! YAY!!!

So where & when shall I send your mag?!
I noticed that a few stores here seem to have both Spring & Summer, do you want just Summer?

You know what I would LOVE, (dont laugh), but some STRANGE little stickers, I always buy them at a Japanese import shop around here, but they are so expensive...I'll send you a photo : D Actually, anything fun & cute would make me happy! I'm a sucker for foreign things!!!!

RedThread said...

I can definitely buy you some fun little Japanese stuff!
I love their stickers too, i covered my ipod with these cute little gel kitty stickers.
How much was the magazine? And I suppose I just want the summer one.. I haven't really seen the spring one. (just went and looked.. I don't need it ;) )
OH! and here's a website of an artist I thought you might be interested in: