Sunday, May 08, 2005

Fiber Crimes! (and Noro mystery yarn)

So there's a sale going on at my LSY and I found some really interesting stuff for super cheap so I thought I'd give it a try. I found some 100% Linen ...braid..I guess you'd call it (it's like a hollow tube-rope, worsted weight), for about $2/ball (82 meters).
I also found some very different Noro yarn that I had never seen before, cannot find ANYWHERE on the internet, and it's only labeled in Japanese (i'm in Japan) so I can only read that it is 60% rayon, and 40% of something else that appears to be PAPER! I have heard of and see 100% washi (japanese handmade paper) yarn here before, but this is a bit more interesting because it has the shiny stripe of rayon in it and is in gorgeous Noro colors. It was marked down to about $10/hank (that's 50% off or more), fingering weight (?). I ALSO found 3 small balls of hot pink EYELASH YARN for about $1 each.
Now, I plan to use the Noro yarn and one ball of the linen to make a purse, but I want to use the other two balls of linen AND the eyelash yarn to make a skinny spring scarf. It feels like a SIN to mix something as high-class as 100% Linen with something as low as Eyelash Yarn!!

Also, i've never knit with linen before, and I did a test swatch, and WOW is this stuff DIFFICULT! Someone on the board here compared it to knitting with cardboard, and they were on to something. It's especially frustrating because i'm trying to knit with it on large needles in double-sided stockinette, which is a chore in itself.

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Anonymous said...

I found some Noro Yarn in a store in Washington while visiting family. It's beautiful, and I really wish I had more of it. It also the small silvery strips of rayon on it. I have looked EVERYWHERE on the internet for its match, and cannot find it. D: If you ever find a site that includes these mystery yarns, please let me know!