Thursday, May 19, 2005

ribbit ribbit

So I finished my craftster-inspired strawberry bag yesterday, and promptly frogged the whole thing :P I'd done intarsia leaves for the top of the strawberry, and that combined with doing more stitches cuz I wanted it bigger made it bunch kinda weird at the top, then because it was too big the bottom part was a bit too floppy and wasnt shaping right. I'm doing it in RedHeart, so I can't block in when it's done so I didn't like how my decreases made it all bumpy either. I think I'm going to make the next one closer to the guide posted in craftster, but add leaves later. Oh well, it's all just practice I suppose.

Also, I've decided I like the Glampyre Boobholder enough to use that basic pattern to make the minisweater I've been wanting to make with my lime green korean yarn. (it's not actually korean, I think it's Russian or Slavic..some E. European country, I just bought it in Korea..). The only problem if the Korea yarn is really fine gauge, so I'll have to double it, and even so it's still finer than worsted so the pattern will be way off and I'll have to do lots of math and pay close attention. This is kinda scary because I've never actually made a garment before.. only accessories! It said in the forum that this might not be the best first-garment-attempt sweater, especially since I'm changing the yarn, but it's almost summer and I don't want to A) work with heavier yarn right now, or B) knit a fall/winter sweater. SO, whatever happens it will be a learning experience! It's also an excuse to buy more needles!
I love the Japanese needles, they're wonderful bamboo, but the sizes are wonky.. they're one size higher than the American. So when I knit on size 4 Japanese needles, it's actually about a size 3 American, (3.3mm). I just need to pay attention to mm for everything here... They don't have letters on crochet hooks either.


Amanda said...

YAY!! Thanks so much for adding me : D
I'm sorry I havent gotten to you sooner, I'm in my second finals week, so things are a bit hectic

I got you a copy of interweave : D anything else you might need???

I'm going to add you to my blog later tonight, must finish studying and not knit :C

RedThread said...

Oh Gosh! Thanks so much! That will keep me knitting all summer! So, what do you want in return for that thing, or do you want me to paypal you for it or something? There's some pretty cool stuff here in Japan I could send you, but I'm poor so it wouldn't be enough yarn to make a garment out of or anything.. I usually get by on small stuff like scarves and bags and hats.

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