Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Wedding!

So much happened this summer! It feels like that first weekend in May, when we learned we were going to Germany, was both yesterday and 2 years ago! I'm going to post about all of our adventures separately, as I have time now that I quit my job to prepare for the move.

The wedding was on June 27th, in Mt. Vernon Park in Baltimore, and it was lovely. It was everything we wanted it to be (even given our lowered budget and expectations).
Our close friend Tim married us, and we had a traditional Handfasting ceremony instead of a ring ceremony. A Handfasting is where your hands are bound together with a cord or ribbons, to signify the binding of your hearts, families, etc.

After the brief ceremony we walked up the hill to a fabulous lunch at Ixia, which is actually no longer in business :( Our wedding reception was held the last weekend they were open. But the food and atmosphere was perfect! Everyone enjoyed themselves, and the cakes my mother and I made were a hit!
We made Lemon Coconut, with coconut-cream cheese icing and lemon curd, Carrot cake with orange and ginger, Chocolate Mousse Cake, and Vanilla Custard-filled cupcakes with strawberry icing!

It was great to spend time with family and friends from out of town we don't see often, as well as sharing the day with our close local friends.

Here's some pictures! Click on any one to be taken to the Flick page with ALL the pictures.




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