Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Perfect Hat

I knew I wanted a vintage-style hat to wear to my wedding, to go with my 40's style dress. None of the vintage shops in town turned up anything, and while there were options on the internet, not only is it hard to tell what something is going to look like on you when it's displayed on a bald, plastic, head, I am also very picky about my hats. (They were all also very expensive)

So after some research into what I wanted, and realizing I couldnt get the "real" hat making materials I needed around here, I improvised!

I crocheted and felted a tiny diamond-shaped pillbox hat (I felted the hat into its pointed shape) and added a huge flower, a white feather clip, and a big bow made out of Russian veiling.




I had so much fun with it I'm thinking about making a bunch and selling them on Etsy!


hamand said...

Judas fucking Priest on a two stroke Vespa! You and Joe got married! Mazel Tov. That's amazing news.

It's Hamand from Japan, how the hell are you? I'm now in Australia, maybe not for much longer, gotta love the visa game, even if immigration departments have a +50 special weapon of mass deportation.

Say hi sometime you awesome freak.


RedThread said...

Hamand! So cool to hear from you! I'll have to see if I have your email address around somewhere.

We're off to Germany tomorrow! For 3 years! ttys

Javajem said...

Congrats again! you were the most beautiful bride!