Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We made it to Germany!

And so did the cat. A bit traumatized, but she's adjusted to the hotel room pretty well.

We're staying in a military hotel in Wiesbaden, off base, thankfully, and within walking distance to the downtown shopping district and many beautiful parks! Wiesbaden is a truly beautiful little city (just under 300k people) and I am looking forward to exploring it!

It looks like we will not be able to live off base :( We were not sure that we wanted to, but we liked the idea of having a downtown apartment and being able to walk to the bar and the bakery etc. At least on base we will have a full-size US-style kitchen and 110 power outlets (So I can use my mixer!) We will probably be in the hotel for about a month though until a place on base opens up, which is going to suck, but whatever, at least they have free breakfast, free laundry, and free internet.

Aside from J's sponsor, and a few guys from his shop and their families that we went to dinner with the first night we were here, we haven't met anyone yet. I hope to make some friends soon though, because the days while J is at work are going to get boring fast! Also, TV here sucks.

I'm excited about going to my first knitting meetup tomorrow night! I found them on Ravelry, and there is a group that meets in town on Thursdays (mostly Germans and expats I think) and one that meets on base on Mondays.

I miss my spinning wheel :(

With nothing much to do all day while J is at work, I've been walking around the city. Yesterday I explored 3 beautiful parks, and walked home through the market.
I found these outside a shop. I want them!
germany1 053

And inside I found Sheep's Milk Chocolate! Which i not as good as yarn, but interesting nonetheless.
germany1 057

More pictures of Wiesbaden!

The parks here have HUGE trees!
germany1 042

Click here to see the whole set so far!


Anonymous said...

hi and welcome to Wiesbaden! I´m Andrea from the knitting group and i´m happy to meet you asap at knitting group !!! we live a little bit outside of Wiesbaden and if you´re interestred in we could go around together. See you on monday at bookmark

Lindsay said...

I'm glad you all made it safe and sound! I'm jealous that you guys are out there! I was planning on spending September and most of October in Prague (with a little bit of European travel)while taking some classes, but I ended up going to real graduate school instead. I wish you many great adventures!