Friday, August 21, 2009

Off to Germany we go!

Craigslisted the last of the furniture yesterday, and have been camping in our house since Tuesday. No bed, no tables, chairs, dishes, etc! Sleeping on a borrowed foam mattress on the floor, eating out or on paper plates, giving away all our food, condiments, and booze!

It's nice to have some downtime though to read, knit, and blog, via borrowed WiFi.

I'm glad we've had the chance to do some last minute hanging-out with our friends, going out to eat at our favorite restaurants and to the movies.

Monday we saw District 9, which was quite good and not what I expected. Not a feel-good action flick, but worth watching.

Tuesday we went out to dinner at Harryman's House in Reisterstown. I wish we'd known about this place sooner! Their food was great, I had Tuna Tartare and a Beet and Goat Cheese salad, with a lovely Sauvignon Blanc. The entrees looked amazing, but pricey.

After dinner we saw The Time Traveler's Wife. I had loved the book, and came to the movie with both excitement and trepidation, as movies are never as good as the book.
The movie was decent, but lacked the depth of story and feeling that the book has. Those who had not read the book enjoyed it, and everyone cried, which is a good sign.

Wednesday we were at the mall buying books and looking for laptop batteries and decided to see G.I Joe. Joe was a big fan of the toys and cartoon growing up, so he really wanted to see it.
I expected it to be pretty bad, and it only slightly exceeded my expectations. I could appreciate them wanting to keep the spirit of the cartoon, and I'm sure pre-teen boys everywhere loved it, but there were some glaring flaws in the writing/story I couldnt get past.

Thursday we went back to the mall for one last dinner at Chevy's. Joe and I love their chicken floutas, and Mexican food is notoriously hard to come by in Germany! The floutas (like a taquito) come with sour cream, guacamole, mango salsa, beans, tamalito (like a corn tamale, yum!), and this amazing habanero jelly to dip them in. SOOO GOOD and only about $10!

We have friends coming down tonight and staying through Saturday, then we're off on our plane Sunday!

We might have internet at the hotel in Germany. I hope so. All our guidebooks got packed in the moving shipment! Rats!

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