Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Fish!

My fishtank finally cycled so I was able to buy more goldfish! yay!
I bought two Lionheads (the round ones with no dorsal fin, my favorite), One calico Ryukin, and one little baby calico fantail who I couldn't resist.
Here they are!
That's Hermes the big red one in the back left, Hilo in the middle, and little Kyo on the right.

Here's anotherpicture of Hermes (big red) and Juno, the red and white Ryukin I had before.

And one last one showing Juno and Gypsy, the calico Ryukin. Sorry some of these are blurry, I didn't have quite enough light.

I'm so happy to hav a full fishtank! It was empty for sooo long! Fishies make me happy :)

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