Monday, May 08, 2006

I made REAL YARN!!!

WHEeeee!! My first real yarn! I spun it and plied it all by myself on my drop spindle! The wool I got from Annie May's Spin and Wool ebay store. The orange was wool carded with raw silk slubs, which you can't really see in the photo, but it made a speckled yarn. plied the orange and the undyed wool together, which was new for me, I've never plied anything before!
I think after seeing more at sheep and wool festival this weekend, I'm definitely going to buy a spinning wheel, it looks so easy compared to the clumsiness of the drop spindle.
My yarn, drying after being soaked to "set the twist":

I hung a shampoo bottle in a plastic bag from it to weight it down.
Here's a closeup.


Kelli said...

Here's a name for your new yarn: Pixie Stix! It's beautiful - yummy enough to eat.

Javajem said...

Love your yarn! I am itching to try spinning. I held out and didn't buy a drop spindle at MS&W - but I really wanted to! Maybe next year.

Thanks for the link to your blog and the entrelac directions too! They are quite different from the directions I received in class. She taught a type of entrelac where you only do the squares - no triangles.

I can share the directions with you at a sit and knit if you're interested in comparing the techniques! I'm sure yours are better :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm sorry, but you are wayyy to cute in your enthusiasm for wool. I remember my mother making her first yarn and plying it. You should get a wheel, they make some cute traveling ones that are just as easy to use as some of the big ones. Be careful, because you want to look at all your wheel options in depth before purchasing one, otherwise you realize how cool all the other designs are, and then you have three wheels. I don't know if you have friends or know people in communities for spinning, but I *think* my mom's friend Julie makes travel wheels. Anyway, I'll talk to you soon, and I'll see you saturday.


Micky said...

It looks like yummy candy canes. Can't wait to see what you do with it.