Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Navajo Plying!

As you can tell, I've been doing a lot of spinning lately :P I spun up that wonderful angora-merino-silk blend bats I got from sheep and wool, but I wish I'd gotten a different color than the blue. It's a lovely blue, but I really don't LIKE blue much. Orginally I was going to spin or ply them together, but scrapped that idea.
I was able to spin my finest and most even single from this blend! The fibers drafted soooo nicely :) I want more of this fiber! I only bought an ounce of each color (one bat), and got a fairly long single from it.
The other day I found a video of Navajo plying using a drop spindle! (video is HERE) So I got right into that, and made a very soft, springy yarn that is about 13-15 yds long, of each color. It's not much, but it's a substantial yarn, I'd probably knit it on a 10, maybe even an 11. I'm thinking of making some goldfish-inspired wrist warmers, since this stuff is sooo buttery soft :)

On to the yarn!
This is before setting, fresh off the spindle. I think I plied it too tight, I got a little carried away :P Navajo plying is FUN!

close ups:

mmmm that orange is sooo yummy! I can't get over it! I've just been buying little bits of all different kinds of fibers to play with, but I'm definitely getting a taste for the more expensive! Next experiment will be the merino-tencel I got at sheep and wool!

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Javajem said...

That looks amazing! I've been trying not to get tempted into trying spinning - but it looks like so much fun!