Tuesday, November 29, 2005


My two impulse-bought-bags of Rowan Polar came in today, and far from being humbled by it, now I want every color they make :P I got them here at this evil evil store who's selling it at half retail with FREE SHIPPING!!! I got a bag in Lettuce and a Bag in Dark Truffle.. ok ok, i'll borrow other people's pictures to show you:
Lettuce, yeah it's fuzzy, i didn't take the picture. It's also greener and prettier than that...

Lettuce will be the lace leaf pullover, and the Truffle will be a raglan turtleneck of my own design.

here's the truffle, which is really more of a warm dark chocolate, plus the other two colors I really want now: Jaffa (which is a bit more orange in person) and smirk, which is a bit more pink. I think they took these pictures on a cloudy day, but hey, they're from England, I hear real sun is a rare commodity :P

haven't gotten to swatch them yet, and I may try to avoid that as my Rogue is still in it's baby-phase and I want to work more on that. The best idea I think is to find it a good hiding place


illanna said...

I got a ton of Rowan Polar too, at my LYS for over 50% off! I have 6 balls of Lettuce for the lace leaf pullover too, and I have 10 balls of Silver Lining to make Glampyre's Bulky Cabled Cardigan. I found your site from hers, actually. Thanks for the Polar Porno :)

illanna said...

I didn't check gauge yet, but I do tend to like a more loose knit fabric. I know that I was getting 12 stitches over 4 inches on 11's with the polar, and that the fabric seemed normal- not loose and not tight.

I know that the rowan polar can work for the lace leaf pullover, though, because I saw the knitalong on Craftster.org and a lot of people used Rowan Polar it seemed. I was going to give you a link to it, but their server is down right now. You can search for it on www.craftster.org to see some examples once their site is back up and running.

Kellie N said...

Drat. I foolishly followed your link to the cheap Rowan yarns on ebay. That was dumb. I instantly fell in love with at least four lots of wool. :)

Lynette said...

nice, nice yarn! i'm drooling.