Thursday, November 10, 2005


(Because I need another hobby :P )
At the Knit Out last month I learned how to spin with a drop spindle, and came home and ordered a whole kit from This Seller's ebay store. For some reason paypal diverted my order from my normal mailing address to my old address (my moms house), but since i'm having my mail forwrded from there back here it eventually found me after all YAY :D So I got my big bag of wool and two drop spindles yesterday!

And here's my firt real attempt at spinning! haha it's all super-chunky.. I haven't quite got the hang of keeping it even yet. I wish I could brush it all out again and start over, but I think I'd need carders for that.

and here's a closer look at some of the lovely stuff I hope to be able to do justice someday!


Lolly said...

Your spinning turned out much betterthan mine! I tried it earlier this year and could really not get the hang of it. I have not tried again, which probably is the problem ;)

I figure I have so much knitting to keep me busy! Love the colors in that red roving though. Very pretty. I will watch your progress and cheer you on!

Take care~

Anonymous said...

I bought my first spindle and fiber from Annie May as well. One year later, I have a wheel. I wouldn't be surprised if you end up with one soon!

Love your Red Dragon scarf. Please have it out soon!

- MJ