Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Adding more life-stuff to the knitblog

I have another journal, on Livejournal, it's linked over there *points to sidebar* but I figure that I like reading knitblogs with a little more life in them, so I'm going to start adding more to mine, even if sometimes I might x-post from LJ.

The weather has been gorgeous here! Sunny, warm with a breeze, and all the leaves are turning now. What a nice fall! I was worried the leaves would just turn brown and fall off like they had been doing, but I guess fall just takes a little longer here.

Saturday Joe and I slept in and lounged around most of the day. I finished the 6th Harry Potter book (I think so far the 3rd and 4th are my favorites) and mostly-finished the first of Joe's hunting mittens for deer season in Wisconsin. They're black Lamb's Pride Bulky with pure angora double-knitted as a built in liner. He decided he wanted mittens out of that after we learned that Angora is 8 time warmer than wool! He doesn't like how fluffy it is, but since it's on the inside it's ok. I'm thinking of douplicate-stitching skull and crossbones on the backs hen they're done. If I have time maybe. I have two weeks to finish the second one, but since they're double-knit it's like knitting two mittens at once. takes longer.

We went and saw the movie "Jarhead" last night, with Jake Gyllenhal (sp) in it. It's by the director of American Beauty, based on the book by a marine who served in "Desert Storm". It was really good, the filming and direction was great, and so was Jake (little Donnie Darko's all grown up :P ). It's not a war action movie, especially since they didn't really get to fight, but more a drama about being there. I enjoyed it.

I work at the yarn shop today, working 6 days a week , but i don't mind being there. Tuesdays are going to be especially long: 4 hours at UPS followed by 4 at the yarn shop. I guess most people work 8 hour (at least) days, but it's different when you have to be in more than one place, and I'm not used to it anymore.

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