Thursday, May 03, 2012

Turkey Burgers and a Pink Tutu


I love summer food; the bright flavors, the fresh herbs, cooking and eating outside! This week I've been celebrating the sun that came with the first of May with the first Gazpacho of the year, fresh green beans with mint, Thai peanut turkey patties, and Mediterranean Quinoa salad.

I made the Thai Peanut Turkey Patties using 1lb ground turkey, this dressing mix from "A Taste of Thai", 3 scallions, a handful of parsley, about 1/4c coconut milk, and a dash of chili flakes. I pan fried them in olive oil and served them with coconut rice (rice cooked in 3 parts coconut milk and 1 part water), mint-garlic green beans, and spicy peanut sauce. I love cooking with fresh herbs!

Mimi has figured out how to drink with a straw! She's so excited about it she keeps drinking so much she pees right through her diaper! She also loves to try and put on her own clothes, shoes, and hair accessories, and loves to play dress-up; already such a girly girl!
Here she is rocking her new tutu! I bought it to use for her Smash Cake birthday photo session later this month, but it looked so cute with her onesie I had to put it on her. She loved the flouncy skirt and spent quite a while admiring herself in the mirror and bouncing up and down! 


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