Friday, May 18, 2012

More on Making Friends as Adults

Looks like there's a whole blog dedicated to Women Making Friends as Adults called MWF Seeking BFF!

She's in a similar situation to most of us Military Wives:

I moved to Chicago with my now-husband ... We’ve been here for nearly three years and in that time have made a few friends. Primarily couples, with whom we catch up over dinner  every few months. But on a Sunday morning when I want to grab an omelette over girl talk, I’m at a loss. ...  I’m looking for someone to invite over to watch The Biggest Loser or to text “pedicure in half an hour?” on a Saturday morning. To me, that’s what BFFs are. Not just people who know your innermost secrets, but the ones up for grabbing a bite on a whim because they love being with you just that much, and getting together feels easy and natural rather than a chore you need to pencil in.
So I’m on the hunt for Miss Right. A person who can fill the one void in the otherwise great life I’ve set up in the Windy City. I always thought friendships blossom naturally, like at summer camp and in school. In the grown-up world, apparently this isn’t the case. So I’m taking matters in my own hands.
This blog chronicles my quest.

I think part of the reason it's so hard to make friends as adults is that asking someone to hang out with you feels too much like asking them out on a date, especially if you only know them as That Cool Barista or the Nice Lady at the Yarn Shop and don't want to be creepy and invite them to something while they're working. I know that people make friends at the gym or the park or whatnot, but "Hey, I drink blue Gatorade too!" isn't really the amazing conversation starter you want it to be.

Mommy groups have been a new great way to meet people, and I wish my husband had the same kind of opportunities! I've met a lot of nice people through La Leche League and New Parent Support here, and some of those people have become friends as we've bonded over similar parenting styles and the trials and tribulations of new parenthood. BFFs? Probably not, but good enough company to go shopping with etc.

I don't think I've ever had a best girlfriend quite like what the bloggess I quoted describes, and I'm a fair bit jealous of those who have that kind of relationship, so I'll be taking any advice she can give on finding my BFF, even in Georgia :P

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