Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Projects

I haven't blogged much this year, as I guess I've been busy with the baby and didn't feel I had much to talk about, besides the daily troubles and joys of new motherhood which has been done a million times by a million people. What I forgot though is that I mostly do this for ME. Not for an audience, not because people might want to make my cookies or knit my patterns or see my spinning. So now I'm trying to look back over the last year, one of  the most amazing and wonderful years of my life, and I have so few journal entries to help me remember! I usually manage to update Facebook a few times a week at least, so I'm going to try and do that here. Write something every day, even if it's only the blandest of Mommy-woes, at least I'll have a record to help jog my memory in a year or two years time when I look back.

We're planning a trip for this weekend and J gave me my Mother's Day present early! I picked it out, so it wasn't a surprise anyway, but it's gorgeous and I love it! I don't have a pic of me in it yet, but here's from the website: It's an Ellevill Zara wrap in Fresh, size 6.

SweetPickles, the company we ordered the wrap from, sent a little tea sample and a chocolate sample in their package as a Thank You.  I'm not really a chocolate person. I enjoy it occasionally, but I don't usually crave it and I'm not an aficionado, but I was sent a sample of this and it was AMAZING. I don't normally like lavender as a seasoning either, but with the chocolate and blueberries it really worked

I just finished a pair of Skirty Longies for a friend in my DueDateClub on Facebook, so I cast on for something for myself! I'm making a striped sweater using some Frost Gray Malabrigo Worsted striped with my FatCatKnits Buster Falkland singles. It's completely self designed based on the schematic of another sweater so we'll see how it goes!

Skirty Longies, 18-24m size

Buster Falkland
Buster singles

Mimi will be 11 months on Thursday, and she's been walking for about two weeks now! She's already quite the pro, and just figured out how to stand up without pulling up first! She'll be running in no time! She also loves to dance, and it's the funniest thing to see her wiggling her little butt!

Off to go make some Carrot Ginger Soup for dinner!

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Mary said...

You look great and the baby has grown...she is just too cute! Motherhood has certainly agreed with you, you are glowing! The skirted longies are so cute! Makes me want another granddaughter so I can make her a set! Wishing you all the happiness in the world!