Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Futons, Socks, and Another Scarf-otis

Lots has been going on in Sarah-Land lately.
J and I finally turned our backroom/overgrown closet into a usable space, just in time for a Memorial Day party! (That was kindof the point actually, we didn't want people to feel like they had to be stuck in the livingroom). We are really loving it now: very comfy, bright, futon, usable table, a place to hide the mountain bikes.. it's great!
Here's the tour:

backroomright *Notice yarn stash under desk*

backroomleft Huge coffee table, perfect for craft parties!

I also cut all my hair off! Short hair is definitely IN this summer, all my friends are cutting their's off!

Also, we got a new snake! This is Dolores (so named because she has a frown on her head)

Adding to our collection, we are now up to 6 pythons.
Aggie (the biggest)
Aggie While she may look scary in this picture, she's actually a big sweetheart who loves to come out of her cage to play and snuggle!


Baby Leonard (Lenny)

Penelope (Penny)

and I can't find the pictures of Cider, but she looks a lot like a bigger version of Penny.

OK now for some knitting content...
Here's what my Tess Superwash is becoming! Another Scarf-Otis (scarf-size Clapotis). While I hated how boring the first one was to make, I love wearing it, and I really think it is one of the best patterns for showing off varigated yarn. Here she is, working up nicely on my size 7 ebony needles.
Tess scarf-otis WIP

Also on the needles is the Twisted Tweed sock pattern in Trekking XXL
twisted tweed sock WIP

I've been trying to work for one hour per day on something crafty, whether it's blogging about being crafting, making stitch markers, knitting, spinning, ANYTHING. Hopefully soon I can coordinate a monthly craft night with the girl friends and get some use out of the new room!


Lindsay said... much to comment on! 1) I'm prud to say that I got all the way thru the picture without having some kind of snake-phobic freak out! 2) I LOVE that colorway of the Tess yarn. I have it in a few different fiber types, but alas, nothing Clap-friendly. That's a superb project choice as I fully agree with you both on the how boring they are to make, and how great the pattern is for handpaints. 3) Big kudos on your organization!

Lick My Sticks said...

Love the decor, LOVE the hair, love the snake, love the knitting (Tess rules).

SUPER love the hair, it looks awesome on you.

lizardsmells said...

Your snakes are beautiful! Delores' frowny face is awesome.

Have you noticed your yarn/patterns in this post match your snakes?

I've had some wine, so I may just be drunkcrazy.