Saturday, June 21, 2008

Damn You Demon Cat!

Ugh! Subi is such a freak! She was all cute and nice and trying politely to wake me up for work at 7:30 (cat's don't understand weekends), by nuzzling my neck and purring and murring, then she cuddled up with me and was being all nice and cuddly from 7:30 till 9:30, purring and kneading and such, and then all of a sudden she clamps her teeth onto my wrist! I threw her off and she attacked me three more times with full teeth and claws before I threw the comforter over her and wrapper her up until she calmed down. I swear I think our cat has neurological problems or something! What a beast! Now my arms are all scratched up :( I am bigger than her! She is supposed to fear me! Not charge at me after I throw her off!

I think that Subaru is in league with Basement Cat!

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Lonnie the Girl said...

Just wanted to say I love all your work and miss your posts.