Sunday, August 19, 2007

On Long-Distance Love,...and Yarn, of course

This morning I got to talk to Joe for a few hours through Yahoo Messenger. It's great because you can use it like a phone and talk for free. We spent our time talking mostly about snakes, snake tanks, having a snake and alpaca farm and living off our hobbies (snakes and yarn, respectively), and then while we were thinking about farms we spent a good long while window shopping for houses. One thing that I do enjoy doing when Joe is gone is being online together. It seems silly, but we really have the best time wandering the net together; sharing houses, websites, youtube videos, girls we think are hot, etc. That's how we got through our three months apart before I moved to MD. We've decided to start saving/shopping for a house in Maryland, probably in Frederick county where it's still a little cheaper, and you can hav trees, or maybe a condo in Ellicott City (we saw some nice ones). Everything in Howard County is so expensive though :(

For once I had no plans today. Earlier in the week I tried to go to this yarn shop up in Hampen, but it happened to be closed that day, so I wandered around a bit and bought some lovely paper bits at this adorable little paper store instead. I didn't go back later in the week because they're only open till 5:30 on the weekdays I found out anyway. Thursday I went to see Bedazzled, the bead store Erin works at (totally wonderful and overwhelming), and Stardust and eat yummy mexican food. Stardust was wonderful, and it was hilarious going to a movie with Erin because she gets so excited she bounces up and down in her seat hehehe.

So after I got off the phone/computer with Joe I drove out to Hampden to see this yarn shop. Now, I don't generally think of myself as a nervous person. Conversely, I tend to be very relaxed and laid-back, but there are some things that totally stress me out. One of them is going (especially driving) to new places alone. This seems totally weird to me, as I lived in a country where I didn't know anyone or speak the language well, and took the train everywhere and I was fine.. well, most of the time. I definitely much prefer going places with people or meeting them there. But as anyone who remembers when I first got my car will tell you, driving places freaks me out. So, I went to this yarn shop, a place where I should feel completely at ease, and I pick up a skein and nearly drop it because I am trembling and feeling lightheaded. Weird. But I get over that by being overly friendly and talkative with everyone, and touching everything. I'd promised myself I was only going to spend $20, but of course I end up with one of the most expensive (if not THE most expensive) skein of yarn in the whole place (a 50/50 wool silk hand-dyed blend, my weakness), for $45 and a t-shirt. She threw in the pattern and pin I wanted for free ;) Then I got an iced coffee, some ginger cookies, a piece of watermellon and sat and knit my socks and chatted with the owner and an adorable little tattooed pixie for the rest of the afternoon. I do love yarn shops :) I'm a bit envious because the building it is in s exactly the sort of place I want MY knitting cafe to be in, in the same kindof neighborhood. ALso, she's only been there a year, and I've been here for 2 years, so I guess I missed the boat on that one ;) not that I have an extra 10k lying around that I could sink into a new yarn shop anyway, but i'm still jealous. It's a cute little shop too. They don't have nearly as much as CK, but they have a nice variety and some different stuff. It's always amazing how different every yarn shop is.

I was going to call around and see what people are up to tonight, but I really can't afford to spend any more money this weekend. So I will sit on my couch, watch either Gone with the Wind, A Very Long Engagement, or 300, and play with my new silk yarn, as I already know exactly what i'm going to make with it.
Sounds like a lovely evening to me :) Pictures of new stuff to come. Maybe. If I feel like it.

Also, you can't imagine how much I am loving this cooler weather. In fact, I am sitting on my deck typing this on my laptop right now!
As much as I adore summer, I think I am ready for fall.

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