Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I had the craziest weekend, so even though I got this package last Thursday, I had to wait till today to take pictures and write a post and Flash my Stash!
My secret pal knew that my allergies this year had been throwing my sinuses for a loop, so she sent me an awesome box of fabulous Ceylon Tea! I Love Ceylon! (I love a lot of teas ;) )
Also, the Alpaca she sent is sooo yummy :) I love the color! It wll probably be some cozy arm warmers someday.
Also she sent a CD of new music and a card that was PERFECT! I Shrieked when I saw it! Goldfish AND kitties :) and a lovely message inside.

First, my lovely gift:

Followed by the Stash of Doom! Sorry I didn't photograph it in a huge pile!
The drawing table in my studio.. always piled high with this and that... with the yarn drawers beneath it

mostly alpaca, wool, silk blends, and handspun in these drawers.

random balls, my own handspun, and supplies to make hairfalls in these

Needles and my UFO chest


DAWN said...

Your stash is impressive. Love all the gifties. Have you investigated using a Nette Pot? they are great for flushing out the sinuses and clearing the nasel passages. You use it with salt water. Alot of my clients swear by them. Just a thought.

Nittany Knits said...

Wish you could have made it to sit 'n spin tonight. We're going to try to make it a Wed. night thing for a couple of weeks. Maybe we'll try out Mad City Cafe since it stays open until 10. Hope to see you!

Ilix said...

Wow now tha is a stash to flash! I wish I had a room to pile up my stuff in! LOL
Can't wait to see wha tyou reduce it to.... and how!

MsFortuknit said...

Zowie Thats lovely!