Tuesday, May 08, 2007

MDSW 2007

Saturday Amy and I went to the annual MD Sheep and Wool Festival! It's the larest Fiber festival in the country.
I had a gyro, fresh squeezed lemonade, and half a giant eclair!
I'm always so overwhelmed when I go to this...Just The Tess Yarns booth blows my mind!
Now I'm really getting excited to buy a spinning wheel. I think I might take a class first though. I did buy a good book about it at the fair though, and I'm going to try to go to the spinners meetings more often, now that I have evenings off.

I seem to have issues buying yarn that doesn't scream out what it wants to be, so I only bought one skein (everything I like seems to be expensive anyway). But fiber isn't a problem as it always just screams YARN! Can't argue with that :P

Alpacas! Aren't they cute!!??

And here's what I bought!

Turquoise silk from Maine

Mongolian Baby Yak down (reminds me of chocolate cake!) I also got some baby camel, not pictured.

Lovely green and orange Merino Silk roving

Cormo undyed roving, and EBONY knitting needles

and some Cormo/Alpaca blend

and last but not least, two balls of yellow/orange thick n thin novely yarn that ties together my two balls of merino/silk/angora handspun :)


Dawn said...

Nice haul. I love the Tourquoise color of the silk. Just beautiful!

Nittany Knits said...

Missed you Sat. night when the spinners took over the dinning hall. Much fun!

The Mannings are having their spinning festival one Sat. in June. You should go!

Javajem said...

I didn't get a chance to see you at Sheep and Wool - but it looks like you did well!! Love the fiber you got!

Kristine said...

How can I go about getting the pattern for your dragon scarf? It is really fantastic! My email is: grahamko@scdot.org

Ilix said...

ooooo, I went to Fiberfest in my area today! it was great! I will show off my swag later this weekend! Thanks for sharing yours!

Ria said...

How soft is the baby yak down? I looks like I'd want to just wrap myself in it!