Tuesday, March 06, 2007

UFOs and Cyberpunk Hairfalls

I can't wait to get a new job... I am so unmotivated to do anything creative in the little free time I get in the mornings and late at night. My most productive hours are spent working or cleaning the house.
I have a million little things started. Here's the big ones though:
*The Rogue Sweater. This thing has been DONE for months now, but I need to re-do the i-cord edging I put on it because it's too tight and is bunching just a tiny bit and pissing me off.
*The Lace Leaf Pullover, was coming along beautifully, but since i had to adjust the pattern to fit my gauge, the neck/shoulders is a little too small, but the body fits. I have to go back and add stitches to the neck. (It's not easy to pay attention when you're knitting on vacation.)
*The Clapotis. I'm one ball into it, it's pretty boring knitting, but it's gorgeous to look at.
*Circular Shrug. Just swatched for this last night. Should be a Quick and satisfying project.

I posted my first stuff in Knitswap on LiveJournal; it's really cool to get stuff you want for stuff you don't hehe!
I need to find swapping communities for other stuff like books ..or..stuff.. i dunno.

OH! I almost forgot! I made my first hairfalls last week. I LOVE them. They were a bit pricey, as I stuck some $30/ball crazy handspun yarn in there, but they're awesome :) I plan to make many more sets of these:

And wearing my kickass new boots!


Joni said...

I’m in the process of doing some massive ring maintenance for the FiberArts Bloggers ring and I am contacting you because you're missing you ring code. I will go ahead and e-mail you the basic ring code now, but if you don’t get it please let me know.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns. Once you have your code up, and/or have posted, if you want to send me a note I’d appreciate it, so I can get you back into the ring that much faster. Thanks!

Javajem said...

Awesome hair drops!

Girl - You look way too sexy in that outfit!!

Ilix said...

Wow that hairfall looks great on you! I have a friend who is playing with dreads..... I will have to show her these!

Nittany Knits said...

Lovin' the boots!