Saturday, September 17, 2011

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Mirabelle plums covering the footbridge

I've naturally been a bit distracted lately...I started this post in July, and here it is September and I'm finishing it.

I realized I didn't even post a picture of the finished Tamarix Quilt I made! (Ravelry link) It took forever and was really boring, but I love the result. It's a little big to use right now, but when we get back to the US and the baby has her own room it will be nice.
Tamarix Quilt!

I brought it to the hospital with me, and it came in handy!

I finished spinning half of my FatcatKnits Polwarth top in Magnolia and started making this sideways baby sweater. The original pattern was done in boring gray and cream and I would never even have noticed it if I hadn't seen a black, white, and green one:

I need to finish spinning the rest of the yarn before I can finish the sweater, but this new blanket project (I know, I said no more blankets :P ) has been taking up all my attention lately. My friend and I are nearly done already! I decided to go with the white background instead of the taupe.
Taupe or White?


I love my window boxes this year! They're inside right now while they do work on the foundations.

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