Saturday, September 17, 2011

August in Kaiserslautern! Part Two


My SIL is "deployed" here for 6 months, and we got to hang out with her and go to the Gartenschau, a huge garden/park with playgrounds, a skate park, huge slides, and DINOSAURS! It also has an upper area with kitchen gardens, a chapel made of vines, and a little restaurant with a great view. It was a gorgeous day and we got a great workout!



Mmmmm, Flammkuchen! Thin pizza crust with a creamy sauce, onions, and German bacon!



We went to Globus, a huge German superstore with great selection, and got lovely mushrooms and fresh wheat bread and wine to make mushroom pasta for dinner. We found these mini pineapple! I've never seen a mini pineapple!

I also got to visit the new Aquatic Center on Ramstein, which has a lap/diving pool, a nice big kids pool with slides and a castle, and a baby wading pool. We took the baby to the pool for the first time! I wouldn't say she loved it, but she didn't mind it, and that's a good start :) I wish we had a pool here in Wiesbaden, on base I mean, we'd go all the time! There's some decent German ones around, but we'd have to drive and pay to get in.

In late August we even got a few days where it was warm enough to go to the outside pool and this tiny lake with a beach!




Mimi was not feeling the lake! It was a bit on the cold side.

It was so nice to have people to go out to lunch or window shop with! Even Joe won't join me for that, most days!

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