Sunday, May 15, 2011

Almost Time!

Blogging has obviously not been a priority this year.

The baby could arrive any day now! Official estimated due date is May 23rd, and first babies are often late, so we'll see. I'm not in much of a rush, as I have actually been sleeping better lately, but I'm still anxious to meet her, and to get my body back!

Here's a collection of bump shots, so you can see the progression:

26 Weeks

28 weeks, at a Fasching (like Mardi Gras) party in Kiedrich.

32 Weeks

35 Weeks, outside the Greek Othodox church on the Neroberg in Wiesbaden, Easter.
35 weeks!

37 weeks, we went to Biebrich for the Greek festival. It was a gorgeous day!

39 weeks

My yoga teacher threw me a really lovely Navajo Blessingway Ceremony at the end of April. It's like a baby shower, but more of a ceremony welcoming the mother-to-be into this new phase of life! Her daughter wove flowers that people had brought into my hair. She did some readings, washed my feet, and passed around a bowl of cornmeal that my friends ground their prayers and wishes for me into, before rubbing that on my feet as well. It was very relaxing and made me feel very loved :)Then we had cake and presents.
People brought peonies, lilacs, pansies, etc from their gardens for me, and one friend brought this gorgeous lavender rose!





I was also part of a "birth bead swap" through the May Due Date club on the forums. Each member contributed beads to be sent to each member, so that everyone has a necklace of 35 or so beads to remind them of the other women who are also going through this together. I wore my necklace to the Blessingway Ceremony.

I'm so sick of this Tamarix Quilt! It's "done", except for one side of the edging, and weaving in all the ends on the back. I'm saving the weaving part for when I go into labor, as they say it's good to have a mindless project that is easy to see progress on to distract you. Apparently, when you can no longer work on the project (or focus on anything but contractions) it's time to go to the hospital!
Here's a work in progress shot from halfway through:

Unfortunately I don't yet have pictures of my blanket finished, or the really cute little cotton dress and hat I made for the baby. Later this week I will post some.

I haven't been spinning as much as usual, but here's some things I've finished this year. Click the pics to see bigger!
FatcatKnits Polwarth in the Magnolia colorway! I love this stuff! I still have the other half of the top to spin up, this is half of it. I plan to stripe it in a baby sweater. Navajo-ply, about 100 yds DK weight:

More FatCatKnits top, Azurite on Merino top. Bulky 2-ply.. I think about 100 yds
Azurite Merino 2-ply

And some more FCK BFL in Esther:

I pretty much only buy pre-dyed top from I love her colorways!

I made a few little newborn-sized wool soakers for the baby too. The first one is handspun Falkland and Cascade 220, the red is Malabrigo, I don't know what the last is:


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