Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spinning and Summit

Beginning Summit, from Knitty

I finished spinning up that Romney lamb, and I looove how it came out! I split the roving lengthwise, spun both plies from the same end and plied together in the same order. The colors didn't completely line up, but enough to get lovely gradations of color. This fiber is interesting because it feels as soft as merino, but has the shine of Romney! I'll have to try to get my hands on some more lamb fiber! It also took the dye differently from anything I've worked with before. Just sucked the color right out of the solution without even giving it time to soak to the middle of the roving! So there was a good amount of white, but in spinning it just created more shades of color. It's hard to see the striping in a hank, so I wound it into a ball and cast on the beginnings of a Summit scarf.

This is such an interesting pattern! It's like entrelac-meets-clapotis-meets-swiss-cheese! I didn't see any handspun versions on Ravelry yet, so mine will be special :)


Going to the Wiesbaden Wine Festival today! Should be fun :)


Javajem said...

That handspun is AMAZING! I love the colors. I think you picked an awesome pattern to show it off too! Can't wait to see more!

Ana Petrova said...

Love those colors the hand spun yarn is beautiful and the knitted project is just as attractive.

anthonydpaul said...

I was goin to post this to LJ, but it looks like you aren't over there anymore: