Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On the Needles :

*First, sorry to anyone trying to access the Double Knitting or Entrelac tutorials! The pictures are temporarily down, as a very old web service I used to use was canceled and they were lost. I may have to re-take them if I can't find the original images, so it could be a little while.*

And on the wheel! Hand-dyed by me, Romney lamb

From this

New yarn! And magazine!

I have start-itis. It's rare for me, but it has persisted through the summer and I'm quite enjoying it, since I've managed to finish things too!
I just got the new Interweave Knits, and am in love with a few sweaters, but especially the Elementary Vest (rav link). I love nearly everything Melissa Wehrle designs! And I just so happened to have yarn for this, since I had planned on doing some kind of argyle vest with it, but didn't have the right pattern and was too lazy at the time to design my own.

The yarn is Catalina Baby Silk, a silk and Alpaca blend. Lovely stuff! I have some gray Ultra Alpaca for the third embroidered color as well. It will be my Ravenclaw Vest hehe

My big Malabrigo order from the Robin's Nest LYS "Malabrigo Madness" Sale came in! Got a fantastic deal on a whole bag of the Frost Gray worsted and a bag of the Tortuga lace weight. I plan on using the lace for a Geodesic Cardigan and the worsted for a stripey cardigan with the handspun falkland orangey blue stuff.

I also received this lovely cake of merino laceweight from my friend Andrea for my birthday. Not sure of the brand, but it feels like the Malabrigo. I think I'll make a Lacey Baktus out of that, although it looks pretty nice just sitting on my futon!


choperena said...

I absolutely adore what you are spinning! I need to get back on that, but swaps just take too much of my time.

I also want to try Malabrigo. I have no clue why everybody swears by it, never having seen it in person.

RedThread said...

Choperena, Malabrigo is sooooo soft! Although it does have its drawbacks; it pills a lot and it's not very strong, BUT IT'S SOOOO SOFT! hehe

Javajem said...

Gorgeous spinning! I love the latest Malabrigo too.