Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Weekend, Charlie, Rush Hour

So, Friday I was a bit bummed out because J and I were supposed to go to this club in DC with a whole bunch of people and EVERYONE bailed on us :( suck.

We debated whether we wanted to go by ourselves, and decided to go out to dinner and then decide. We went to this Korean BBQ place that was within walking distance of our old house, and we never knew it was there. Apparently this place has the best, most authentic, Korean BBQ around here.
It's hibashi style, where you grill the meat at your table on a built in grill (gas in this case). We ordered marinated beef slices and shortribs, and a korean onion pancake on the side. In Japan you dont get much in the way of side dishes, so we were a bit overwhelmed when they brought out bowls and bowls of little appatizer/side dishes! kimchi and pickles and soup and egg and veggies... soo much food. We couldn't even make a dent in the pancake, but it was full of raw jalapenos, so we didn't try very hard anyway. The meet was great though, so now that we know how much and of what we like it will be easy and cheap next time!

After dinner we were too full to move, so we rented Max Payne and Pineapple Express and went home. Max Payne was OK, better than Pinapple Express, which we watched Sunday.

Saturday was a lot of fun, and totally saved the weekend. We went to the Visionary Arts Museum with some friends from DC. It was cool to go with people who really get into art and the stories behind it. They loved it! Then we had dinner at Paper Moon, which is a perfect complement to the museum :P Followed by beer RockBand at our house. Good Times!

Also, MEET CHARLIE! Charlie is the newest edition to the household. He came from PetSmart, and is the sweetest, nicest, cuddliest little kitty evar! He purrs all the time! He's still learning the rules of the house, but he's adapting, and so is Subi, amazingly. We even had both of them sleeping on the bed last night!
Click for more pics!
More Charlie!

Also, I'm starting a project that I've wanted to do for a while. I'm going to try to take a picture on my commute home every day. Here's today's! Not awesome, but it was off the cuff.

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Lindsay said...

Awwww! Your new kitty is adorable! He reminds me of my cat Dave who moved out awhile back because he hated my dogs. He lives with one of our neighbors now but comes over to visit from time to time.