Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Big Fish Move!

Last August when I went to visit my Dad in NY, I dragged home a lovely piece of driftwood from Lake Champlain. This driftwood, while it fit in the new 55 gallon corner tank, didn't fit in the way we wanted, and didn't want to sit on the bottom either. SO it sat in the tank for months, while I bought the new filter, the gravel, etc, and cycled the tank around it.

About a month or so ago we finally dragged the thing back out of the tank, sawed off about 4 inches off the back, rigged it to fishline with suction cups, and stuck it to the bottom of the tank. Then we bought some plants, and a Pleco, and so it has been sitting, waiting, for the Goldfishes.

I finally got brave enough and confident that the new tank wouldn't poison them, and they made the big move last weekend!
feb09 023
More pictures in the set, click the picture to go to Flickr!

Unfortunately, it looks like my new plants brought with them a nasty guest :( ICK. I hate Ick (as do all fishkeepers), and I especially hate it in a planted tank because I can't use my old-standby treatment, salt, to cure it. So, here's my poor fishes, covered in Ick, and swimming in Malachite Green/Formalin for a few days. They're big healthy fish so they should make it out ok, but I worry when they're sick.
Guess we have to postpone ordering the new Panda Butterfly Goldfish!
Punkin is NOT a happy fishie :(

New Baby Snake!
This little guy is a pure Diamond Carpet Python. We don't have a name for him yet. All the light part will turn yellow.
New Baby Diamond Python

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