Monday, March 03, 2008

Little Red Riding Rogue

DONE! Over two years in the making, and the sweater is finally done!
I've been working on this sweater for over 2 years. I knit it, then procrastinated the seaming, and then it sat on the bookcase in the hopes that it would install its own zipper for probably about a year.
Being too big didn't help its case any either, but a good spray-down and a careful run through the dryer took care of the extra long sleeves and some of the extra fabric.

rogue 008

This is my cardiganization of Girl From Auntie's Rogue Pullover, minus the pockets. There's info on the pattern site about converting it to a cardigan, and links to other bloggers who have written out the modifications. I also added an i-cord edging to create a zipper..placket? I don't know what else you'd call that. I kinda wish I'd still added pockets, but whatever. It could also use some short rows at the back of the neck, IMHO.

Yarn: 6.3 skeins of Plymouth Galway Highland Heather in rust
Size: 38" this pattern runs BIG. I wish I'd made the smaller size, and I definitely wish I'd adjusted the size of the sleeves and the depth of the armholes. They're huge! The circumference of the sleeves is VERY large at the top, and the armholes come down to the bottom of my chest, and I don't find that very flattering, and neither is the 7 or so inches of positive ease, but the darn thing IS warm and comfy ;) The sleeves were also very long before I threw the thing in the dryer.
I didn't realize the original design included a lot of positive ease anyway, and wanted something I could wear a bit like a jacket, but it's much bigger than how I usually like my sweaters.

I sewed the zipper by hand, as my seamstress friends were too intimidated by knitwear to help me :P But I think I will have one of them go over the stitches to reinforce them (I'm not the best at hand-sewing either).

I very fun and fairly quick knit, but it does have some fiddly grafting on top (which was kinda fun, once you get the hang of it). Very well written pattern!

rogue 012
rogue 011
rogue 006
rogue 002

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Nittany Knits said...

Holy Crap, I remember when you started that thing!!!!!!!!!!!

It is sooo awesome.

Javajem said...

It looks so great! I remember you were knitting that the first time I ever met you. I thought it was the greatest thing ever - and it still is!

Beth said...

My grandmother is knitting this for me, but is stuck on grafting the cables on top of the hood. Do you have a book or link you could recommend for this technique (ie grafting in ribbing)?

Spencer Quest said...

I found your blog by pure accident and believe in the red thread. You are a creative soul with exceptional talent. Thank you for what you do and for sharing it all with those who can only hope to learn.


Anonymous said...

Very Nice Job!
Love your new scarf pattern too.

Shade McVay said...


I have really got to learn to knit.