Saturday, January 05, 2008

December Recap

January is here!
Unfortunately, this year's "Selfish Knitting Month" is going to be postponed until February, as I'm still working on some late giftmas presents :P
I'm hoping to build a new home for the blog soon! A home page for easy access to pattern and pictures, and hopefully handspun yarn for sale!
In the meantime, I have added a link in the sidebar for the Dragon Scarf.

December was very eventful! Full of parties and friends and family and food, along with plenty of stress, from things like buying a car, and having way too much crap to do at work.
J and I celebrated our 4th New Year's Eve together by having a beautiful, luscious, dinner at Red Maple. I tried my first Vouvray while there, and will have to seek out a bottle in the near future! It went wonderfully with my pomagranite grilled swordfish and purple potato salad! Joe thuroughly enjoyed his beef tenderloin and spinach mashed potatoes as well. Unfortunately we didn't make it out to the party at the club later due J not feeling well, but there's always next year :)

For Solstice this year J and I put together a huge feast for 4 of our closest friends. As I didn't cook for Thanksgiving, and knew I wouldn't be cooking for xmas, this was my one chance to have my own Holiday Dinner. It involved much planning and a few evenings of prep, but it was well worth it! Here's the spread:
*Cranberry and Pink Champagne cocktails when my guests arrived
*toasty crustini topped with honey-walnut goat cheese, warm saute'd pear, and a curl of proscuitto as an appatizer
*Handmade winter squash ravioli cut into star shapes, in a sage cream sauce; for the first course.
*Roast Goose with Brandied-Cranberry reduction sauce (Thanks Emeril!)
*Quinoa with squash and dried fruit
*Roasted beet salad with fennel and herbed goat cheese over greens
*Mocha-Walnut cookies with Dublin Mudslide ice cream for dessert

Everything came out just as planned, and wonderfully delicious! Goose takes a little work, but was easier than expected. I don't think I'll bother making my own pasta dough again though, at least not until I buy a Kitchen Aid mixer with a pasta attachment! I wish I'd taken pictures! I was too busy to think about it..

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