Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Big Surprise

It's a Lendrum Double Treadle. I got it from a girl in PA who has a small handspun and handyded yarn and roving business. She's moving cross country and she had an extra NEW wheel! I got a great deal on it, and it came with the fast flyer, the jumbo flyer, a lazy kate with 3 bobbins, and two big batts of wool! with free shipping! whoohoo!

I had to call Joe to pick it up from the leasing office where UPS left it. I said he could put it together if he wanted. I came home from work and he was sitting in front of it trying intently to get a huge handfull of wool to catch onto the lead string. I said "there's an orrofice hook if you.." "I KNOW!" he says haha he lost interest in it pretty quickly though. Shame really, him being a spinner could make him more interested in going to Sheep and Wool with me :P

I'm spinning up some pink and purple roving my mom gave me a while ago. It goes so fast! I love it! Doing it thik and thin so I can experiment a little and it'll still look OK. I think i'll ply it.
here's the wheel! sorry for the bad lighting.

The batts

I'm looking forward to August being a little more calm so i'll have time to spin!

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Javajem said...

Congrats on your new wheel!! I just got a Majacraft Suzie Pro a month ago. I can't wait to take it to spinning group!