Monday, August 14, 2006


So, lots of new stuff going on! First of all, The Celtic Knot Yarn Shop , my lovely place of employment and source for awesome yarn, has moved! Learn all the details on their page, but here's some pics of the new place!

ALSO, I unfortunately won't be spending quite so much time at the yarn shop anymore because I got a new job!
I real grown-up full-time job with benefits and everything :) I'll be working at a residential treatment center for girls as an Activities Leader. Should be challenging, fullfilling, etc.

AND we're moving to a new apartment this week! Yay! more space! I'm excited :) it's much nicer than the place we have now.

and lastly, I dyed my hair! It's Chocolate Cherry, I love it!


Mama -E said...

nice!!! there is knitting at Panera on Dobbin in Columbia tomorrow night at 7 if you want to come!

Kristen said...

That's a whole lot of change. I adore your hair color, and I noticed that you have a labret piercing. I want one, too, but my husband said I have enough piercings (I may or may not listen to him). I told him that if he doesn't want me to get a labret, then I'll get a tattoo. Fine, he said, until I told him it would be of a shiny dot right under my lip!

msfortuknit said...

That is a super great hair color on you!
As for the yearn store, its lovely as well!

jen said...

oh, I'd love to work in such a beautiful place (I work in a hospital)!

DAWN said...

Love love love the hair color! and how did you ever bring home money working in a gorgeous yarn shop? Good luck with the move and the new job.

Karen said...

Don't know you and found this blog through searching for online hat knit patterns. However I just had to comment about the photos of that amazing looking yarn shop! Am soooo jealous I might consider crossing the pond just to go and buy something.

I'm sure London must have a good wool shop but I've yet to find it.