Sunday, July 30, 2006

Baltimore Spinners!

On Friday I worked at the yarn shop all day, which I usually love, but I was the only one there and it was very boring. To pass the time I called Brian and Mary and Aleshia and got to talk all three for a little bit :) I hadn't talked to Aleshia in ages, it was good to catch up.
After work I drove straight to Clover Hill (a rival yarn shop in Catonsville) for a Baltimore Spinners meeting! I don't really know any other spinners, so that was a lot of fun! I only have a drop spindle right now, and everyone else had wheels, but that was ok because I GOT TO TRY 3 KINDS OF WHEELS!!! WHEEEE!!! Of course, now I have to buy one :P Unfortunately they are very expensive (around $500) so I'll be saving up for that one for a while... or maybe put it on the credit card once I start making real money.
I got to meet some wonderful women, including Amie, who taught me how to use the wheels, Erin, who dyes her own yarn and roving (I bought some beautiful blue and brown!) and Eunny, whose knitblog I read and who is a bit of a knitting celebrity! Her work is incredible! Everyone was sooo nice, I really want to go again. I hope I get Fridays off so I can!
Roving Pics!

While I was at the spinners meeting Joe called to say he arrived in Dullas (around 7:30pm) and that he was taking a cab home and I should exect him around 10pm. SO, because I didn't want to wait around at home alone, I stayed at my metting till a little before 9, when he called again to say I'M HOME! WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU!!?? hehe oops. Apparently there was no traffic and he got home fast. I felt so bad that I wasn't there when he got there!
He's all jet-lagged and stuff, didn't sleep well the first night, then slept most of the day yesterday, despite my best efforts to get him up, and then stayed up all night last night.
I made chicken pitas for dinner with homemade hummus (YUM!) and we watched that Russian fantsy movie NIGHTWATCH, which was ok, but not as good as advertized. We also watched this Japanese creepy movie called Premonition, about a "Newspaper of Terror" (it sounds better in Japanese haha).
It's SOOOO good to have him home!

I think having to work till 9pm is really going to suck :( I won't be able to go to any sit and knits, or meet people for drinks at a reasonable hour, OR what i'm really sad about, cooking Joe dinner. I don't cook much while he's gone, and I won't get to cook for him on weekdays anymore! except for one day a week. I will get one weekday off, but i don't know if it will be a monday or a friday yet. I'm wishing for Fridays.

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Amie said...

If it's Fridays, you know we'd love to have you at the Spinning Group, but if it's Monday, please join us for the knitting group! Many of the same people, and we meet more often!