Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thursday's Sit N' Knit/Spi N' Spin

Last Thursday I joined the K1P2 Sit N'Knit group for some lovely lakeside socializing! We sat out on the patio at the Lakeside Cafe in Columbia, munched on lovely sandwiches and smoothies, and listened to live jazz-fusion! It was great :) Also great to see some friends I haven't seen in a while.
Thanks to JavaJem for this photo of me spinning!

Some would perhaps say that I "Look like I need a sandwich" in this picture, however, what did not make it into the photo was the huge chicken salad on croissant sandwich sitting in front of me, next to me awesome banana/coconut smoothie! mmmmmm I love their food!
Unfortunately, Sit N'Knit happens to fall on my clubbing night, so I don't often go. After July (when NATION in DC closes) I'm sure I'll make it out more Thursdays :)

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